GBJAM 7: Gum Girl

“Gum Girl” by Case Portman & Joel Cheetham.

“Use your bubble gum to create temporary platforms to solve puzzles and traverse through the cosmic space base. Defeat the treacherous drill in order to save your solar system.”

Get your jaw joints ready for some chewing action, because “Gum Girl” doesn’t mess around. The heroine can produce and place two gum bubbles at the same time to create little platforms. But whenever she needs a new one, she has to magically call back the first one in her mouth. This game mechanic allows Case Portman not just to develop an interesting puzzle design, but also to create some quite intense timing action.

Outbound spikes and mean little devils will try to make your life miserable, and they are pretty good at doing so. Whenever you lose three of your hit points, the level will be reset. But you will learn by your mistakes and get better for sure. And you have to, if you want to win the final boss fight against the Drill of Doom. A charming retro platformer game with a marvelous soundtrack, great pixel art and even a little arcade bonus mode (you can unlock that one by finding and collecting all the hidden stars). And now: Chew chew chew instead of pew pew pew! >>PLAY