GBJAM 7: Mystical Samurai

“Mystical Samurai” by Daniel Moreno & Paltian.

“[An] action platformer game[.]”

I am absolutely amazed by the retro feeling that “Mystical Samurai” is able to invoke. The sprites really nail the Game Boy aesthetics perfectly, the soundtrack is top-notch, the whole gameplay is simple, but fun! In three different stages you will encounter grumpy ogres, low flying bats and oversized rocket launchers, which you can fight off with your sword. However, the best things about this jam submission are definitely the boss fights.

By studying their attack and movement patterns, it gets fairly easy to beat them in the first or second attempt, but the whole design is just awesome. Avoid being stung by a giant drill machine, swim against the flow when a mechanic frog wants to suck you in and get into the final battle against your brother, who made a deal with a demon. Better be ready for a real blast to the past, because “Mystical Samurai” will deliver exactly that! [PLAY]