GBJAM 8: Crypt o’ Casino

“Crypt o’ Casino” by Case Portman & Joel Cheetham.

“Find your way through the casino gauntlet and bring the never-ending gambling nightmare to a halt forever!”

Whenever the main concept of a game is partially based on luck, there is a big chance that the experience for the players will be a frustrating one, as anything that happens might feel way too random. The creators of “Crypt o’ Casino” could have fallen into this design trap as well, but I am glad to see that they have avoided it elegantly. Here you play as an adventurer, who just fall right into a dungeon and can do various things there: Fighting monsters that resemble either casino chips or clubs and spades, going on a quick quest to collect a boatload of coins or trying to survive in tricky platformer stages to find a special treasure trove. However, you cannot simply choose where you go to, as a six-sided die calls the shots here.

Whenever you completed an area, you have to throw the die again and move one tile forwards on the map for each dot. Of course, that could turn into a disaster. Just imagine that your character is down to one health point and your next throw will send you directly to the next army of foes! But just like I stated in the beginning, winning or losing is not only a matter of luck in “Crypt o’ Casino”. With a bit of skill and strategic thinking, you can form your own path for success. For example, you can acquire special dice that will grant that your next roll will result in an odd or even number or in a number within a specific range.

That makes it easier for you to reach certain locations like healing areas, a shop that offers support items or enormous treasure chests filled with upgrades for your fighting skills. Are you in need for stronger punching fists or the double jump ability? While noone can promise you that you will get them, at least you could find them here. So go ahead and see for yourself if Fortuna is on your side! [PLAY]