GBJAM 9: Necrow Co.

“Necrow Co.” by King Worrell & Zahran Worrell.

At the titular “Necrow Co.” crows work as psychopomps, beings that collect the souls of the deceased and escort them to the afterlife. The protagonist of this wonderful platformer is also one of these winged guides. Our boss Thanatos notices a strangely high number of lost souls roaming the underworld and sends us off to capture as many of them as possible and get to the bottom of the curious phenomenon.

The underworld is divided into three sections and in each of them we can indulge in truly classic jump ‘n’ run action. Although one would have to assume that our character can fly around, this kind of locomotion is not possible. Instead, the crow can jump into the air as many times in a row as full feathers are displayed in the status bar. This extravagant ability is recharged as soon as you land on a solid surface (making it quite similar to the fantastic “A Short Hike” in this respect).

So we jump from plateau to plateau, trying to dodge flying squid and grim ghosts while pulverizing crumbling rocks and pesky skulls with concentrated sound waves. In between, we have to face hordes of different enemies attacking us from all sides in ‘boss battles’. This focus on a very genre-traditional concept with the graphics as well as sound design appropriate for Game Boy games makes “Necrow Co.” an ideal nostalgia jam game. [PLAY]