GDL – July Jam: T R A P P E D

“T R A P P E D” by Brandon Phillips.

“[A] visual and psychological representation of what it is like to feel guilty, detached, depressed, and suicidal.”

Have you ever felt so guilty in your life that you believed that you could not go on without an absolution? “T R A P P E D” is an unbelievably perfect and therefore uncanny representation of this state of mind. The developer Brandon Phillips has found outstanding ludical metaphors: a drive with an elevator into the unknown, a leap into the deep darkness, a house full with weird messages and a passage, where you have to go back and forth, just to get back to the one answer to the question of who is to blame for all of this.

Of course, this answer was already milled into the synapses of the character from the beginning, so there was never another one to find. In just a few minutes, this jam game unleashed such an unbelievable power of expression as I’ve rarely experienced before. >>PLAY

IMPORTANT: At the end of this article I would like to point out that you should definitely get psychological help if you have suicidal thoughts. Talk to friends, relatives, or with someone from the telephone counseling, suicide prevention / suicide crisis hotlines of your country. There’s always someone who can help you. Hugs to you, my dear reader.