GDL May Jam: Snake Blocks

“Snake Blocks” by Steven Miller.

“Eat apples to grow[.] Push snakes onto an activation tile to control them[.] Cover all red tiles to complete a level[.]”

“Snake Blocks” combines the growing by eating mechanic of “Snake” with a variation of the traditional “Sokoban” puzzle design, but adds a whole new mechanic to the mix. Every now and then you will encounter sleeping snakes, which seem to be frozen. They can be moved back and forth without their shape being changed. However, if you move such a snake to a special transformation tile, the formerly resting serpent will come to life and the other one will take its place.

These mechanics clear the field for a particularly intriguing level and puzzle design. In the later levels, each step must be meticulously planned in advance. But do not worry, as you can always skip a stage if the puzzle strains your synapses too much. All in all, “Snake Boxes” is a fantastic puzzle game that treats its players fairly and challenges rather than punishes them. >>PLAY