Getting Weird With It Jam: Withered

“Withered” by John Paul Burato, YaMaTeh & LaLa.

“Content warning: This game contains a certain amount of gore, suicide, sexual abuse and strong language.”

Important note:
If you have suicidal thoughts, please get psychological help! Talk to friends, relatives or with someone from the telephone counseling, suicide prevention / suicide crisis hotlines of your country. There is always someone who can help you.

The eye has seen everything, but the question is, what or who is it? At first, it seems to be a supernatural monster that wants to eat your body piece by piece to grow. But in the course of the game “Withered”, it turns out that the nature of the eye has a much deeper origin. This interactive novel tells in an outstanding way about the dark depths of the human soul. Supported by a high-quality and consistently executed visual style, the game confronts its players with an eerie manifestation of self-hatred, guilt and repression.

But if you are interested in playing “Withered”, please keep the content warning in mind. While it is fantastic in its own way, it is really not meant for people with weak nerves. Not only because of the possibly triggering topics it tackles, but also because of the usage of jumpscares. >>PLAY