Global Game Jam 2017: Cheertastic

“Cheertastic” by Colette Paugame, Léo Pierot, Tara Quinsac & Florent Chardevel.

“[You are] a princess. Your goal [is to be] loved by everyone. This means you have to learn to recognize your audience and discover the hand sign that will make them thrill. Each finger [corresponds] to one key on your keyboard, so you will have to find the right combination, [bending and stretching] them, before the crowd [becomes] tired of you or [gets] outraged by your cultural ignorance.”

I had a good laugh while playing “Cheertastic” with its “QWOP”-like core concept, because some of the audiences and their signs are just hilarious choices. All in all, it is a neat reaction game with a simple, but effective premise. I am sure it will make you smile for sure. Peace and out! >>PLAY