Global Game Jam 2017: Lost Resonance

“Lost Resonance” by Scot Daniel Burns, Jennifer Thornton, Thomas Salgarella & Atolm.

“Emerging from the depths of the amphitheater wielding the violin of resonance, the player will solve puzzles […] to activate the sound amplification crystals […] in order to signal the gods with an awesome musical jam to the gods. […] [Hold the left mouse button] to play the violin [and waggle] the mouse in different speeds side to side to produce different tones in order to solve environmental puzzles.”

It needs some time to get used to it, but the controls concept of “Lost Resonance” is just fantastic. By doing fast mouse movements, you will send out a red musical beam, by doing normally fast movements a yellow one and by doing slow movements a blue one. With those beams you can move platforms to the left or the right as well as to the top or the bottom. Overall, this jam game delivers a refreshing take on environmental puzzles. >>PLAY