Global Game Jam 2017: Treasure Chest #15

Screenshot of "Neon Tide"

“Neon Tide” by Brendan Vlok, Callum Grier & Evelyne Berger-Uichanco.

A colorful reaction game, where you have to jump over waves and to avoid several obstacles.

Screenshot of "Jack the Skipper"

“Jack the Skipper” by Antti VikmanArhi Makkonen, Joonas Rauha, Ville Lapakko, Roope Timonen, Miika Vihersaari, Patrik Eronen & Kristian Syyslehto.

You play a cursed captain, who must rotate his ship in the stormy sea to get his crates to the right places.

Screenshot of "Propaganda!"

“Propaganda!” by Sourya Sen, Laura Meskanen-Kundu, Joonas Lipping, Krupakar Dhinakaran, Maya Pillai & Parvati Pillai.

A neat, minimalistic puzzle game, where you have to build radio stations on strategically important places to control the cities.