Global Game Jam 2017: Treasure Chest #17

Screenshot of "Ye Olde Wavepark"

“Ye Olde Wavepark” by Extrokold Games (Gary Stentiford, Richard Pince, Robert Dunlap, Kyle McArthur, Katherine Guevara, James Garcia & Bobby Rose).

In this cute water theme park simulation, you have to please a special visitor.

Screenshot of "Pendulum"

“Pendulum” by Sakarija Mazaoui, Boris Gördes & Louis Gröfke.

A relaxing game with one button controls. Press the spacebar to spin your pendulum clockwise or counterclockwise to dodge obstacles.

Screenshot of "Life – Radiator"

“Life – Radiator” by addwingxu0004, Dragonwhisper, eastsu, jiajiaxi & jornylau.

Control a radiator robot inside a human body, but better watch out for the aggressive viruses.