Global Game Jam 2017: Treasure Chest #18

Screenshot of "Ripple Blossom (King of Salted Fish)"

“Ripple Blossom (King of Salted Fish)” by Yidi Zhu, Liu Chang, Tian Yucuan, Zhao Tianyi, Peng Tao & Chen Yuji.

In this relaxing, but challenging puzzle game it is your task to create waves on a lake, so that water lilies can bloom.

Screenshot of "Hyperposition"

“Hyperposition” by Sam Alexander & Jalan Ember.

Manipulate two waves, so that certain data points in their ‘symbiosis’ wave get produced.

Screenshot of "Waves Of Freedom"

“Waves Of Freedom” by Martin Kuppe, Vivien Pfrimmer, Aurélia Ritter, Amélie Dequecker, Mylène Legroux, Elouan Poupard-Cosquer & Morgan Touverey-Quilling.

Give your ant comrades and your filthy enemies certain messages to change their attitudes. Send them into a fight, provoke each other or strengthen their will.