Global Game Jam 2018: 1977: Radio Aut

“1977: Radio Aut” by Alex Camilleri.

“A short interactive story about Giuseppe Impastato and his life-long fight against Mafia in Sicily.”

First of all, I’m very impressed with the choice of topic in “1977: Radio Aut”. To create a game which takes a stand against the mafia is simply wonderful, so I think it deserves to get some more attention. What makes it so special as a narrative game are many things combined. For example, there is one point in the game, where you will have to face the death of a beloved one, and then you are not really able to decide if you want to cry, to scream, to be calm, to throw up or anything. The game will just overflow you with possibilities and afterwards it decides for you. In this moment, you might be able to feel the powerlessness of your character. All this design choices are very clever, effective and well-placed. >>PLAY