“COMPLETELY LEGAL CREATURE MASSACRE” by Nicolas Gauthier, Pierre Frick, Thomas Frick, Bruno de ChazellesYannis Naamane, Eléa Héberlé, Victor Nardin, Robin Dussart, Dimitri Guindet, Elisée Maurer & Timothée Lestradet.

“Buy creatures and make them fight in the pit for your wicked pleasure. Train them, kill them, merge them. Become the very best and win a trip to the Bahamars.”

If you ever dreamed of a “Pokémon” title made with dark humor and a space colosseum setting including mortal combats, “COMPLETELY LEGAL CREATURE MASSACRE” is exactly what you are looking for. Here, for the price of just one hundred to one thousand space dollars, you can completely legally buy strange creatures to throw them into the fight pit. Every now and then you will also get a phone call to complete little tasks like participating at a show fight at a party, losing against the champion monster to build up it’s self-confidence or to simply destory other creatures.

The ‘leveling’ system is also quite neat: Instead of training your not really beloved fighting material, you can fuse them together by sacrificing one of them. That way, “COMPLETELY LEGAL CREATURE MASSACRE” offers some grim twists to its gameplay and celebrates its ultra violence in an absurd way. So become the very best, like no psychopath ever was. >>PLAY