Global Game Jam 2018: reacti0nary

“reacti0nary” by Wally-S, Sandra Honigman & Alicia Feng.

“[You are] talking to your crush and [you are] going to ask them out today for the weekend trip to the very awaited [Renaissance] Fair. But, turns out your only keyboard is broken and the only way you can communicate with your crush is via reaction images saved in a large folder on your computer.”

I love the unique approach of developing an interactive novel, which the developers of “reacti0nary” used: Instead of offering detailed, clear choices, they just give us images to communicate with another character. That way, we as players have to be more involved to think about how our dialogue partner will interpret our response. Unusual questions like “Will the cute little frog be interpreted as an insult to them or as an actual answer to their question how my day was?” may come up. That makes this little romance story very special in my eyes. >>PLAY