Global Game Jam 2018: Shaman

“Shaman” by Isabella KoelmanFabian van DommelenJoni van der LeeuwJoris van Leeuwen & Yannic van den Berg.

“The tribe is in need of your help. Use your Shamanic powers to speak to the gods, and try to give the villagers the right advice!”

In “Shaman” you have to remember your nightly visions, which the gods have sent to you, to lead the villagers to a better life. Will their baby become a warrior or a blacksmith? Will the harvest be good this summer? Will there be a war soon? You know all the answers, but one.

Also, I have to add that I find the whole art and sound design absolutely lovely. The shapes of the shaman in the night are great, the mumbling of the villagers is well done, the choice of colours is wonderful etc. All those details make “Shaman” a really pleasurable and short gaming experience. >>PLAY