Global Game Jam 2018: Static Breach

“Static Breach” by Nils Slijkerman, Friso Roolvink, Rando Wiltschek, Jip Sterk & Mitchel Bonnema.

“[A fast-paced] stealth game, where you avoid the eyes of an entity called The Message controlling all of humanity. Levels have a number of control terminals which need to be switched off. Guards patrol the corridors, trying to take you down as soon as they see you.”

“Static Breach” is an intense stealth game in a dark building. Catch all the key cards to get to all terminals, so you can hack and turn them down. That will not be an easy thing, as the guards are keen to instantly kill you with their tasers once they get you. However, if you know the building structure good enough, you might be able to outrun them. >>PLAY