Global Game Jam 2018: Sweet Memes Are Made of These

“Sweet Memes Are Made of These” by Lianne Booton, Chris Zabriskie, Yan_G & Komiku.

“[In] 2049, the transmission of ideas through viral memes is the only job left to humans. In fact, we created a volatile cryptocurrency around the industry. Create, and send out memes to the masses based on public mood.”

In “Sweet Memes Are Made of These”, you are a professional human meme maker who must create memes which fit the public mood. Mixing the Minions with Ned Stark and an ironic slogan? Why not. You can also gamble with your hard-earned memecoins in a game where you only must avoid the laser rays shot by an intergalactic, giant doge head. Again: Why not. >>PLAY