Global Game Jam 2018: Sweet Memes Are Made of These

“Sweet Memes Are Made of These” by Lianne Booton, Chris Zabriskie, Yan_G & Komiku.

“It’s 2049, the transmission of ideas through viral memes is the only job left to humans. In fact, we created a volatile cryptocurrency around the industry. Create, and send out memes to the masses based on public mood.”

Hell’s bells, that’s some weird game – and I love it! You, a professional human meme maker, must create memes which fit the public mood. Mixing the Minions with Ned Stark and a ironical slogan? Sure, go for it! And hey, you can also gamble with your well-deserved memecoins! Then you just have to avoid the lasers of a intergalactic, giant doge head. Because why not? Damn. My head will explode. >>PLAY