Global Game Jam 2018: Teleporterror

“Teleporterror” by Douglas Flinders & Henry Pullan.

“Your teleporter experiments have gone haywire and you must shut it down! Shame that you forgot the kill code and that the teleporter keeps moving you from room to room. Maybe there’ll be a hint somewhere in these rooms…”

“Teleporterror” is a bit of a trial-and-error puzzle game with some wonderful cartoon aesthetics: Your teleporter goes crazy and you will be teleported in one of four rooms (one main room, where you can try to type in the correct kill code, and three puzzle rooms, where you have to figure out the correct sequence of pulling levers to get a part of the kill code). But each room gives you just a short time frame to be solved, though you are always allowed to try your luck at a later time. Sounds neat? Give it a try! >>PLAY