Global Game Jam 2018: The Legend of Kassappa

“The Legend of Kassappa” by Hugo Vaz, Otávio Soato, Saulo Camarotti, Thiago Reinhardt Marten & Mariana Bergo.

“[A dungeon crawler] themed [snooker] game where the player needs to pocket the [heroes] to proceed to the next levels. […] [Each level] is full of enemies, traps and loot. Also, each [hero has] different habilities and they can be upgraded, or die.”

In this wonderful genre mashup called “The Legend of Kassappa”, you have to pot your three characters – one warrior, one mage and one rogue – into the holes of the billiards table. That may sound easy, but thanks to your enemies and all the traps it is not. Goblins will stay in your way, some pockets may be filled with stones or be locked, sometimes the dungeon is cluttered with deadly spikes. And whenever you the ball does not collide with at least one of the three heroes, they will all take some damage. That is why you should plan your moves carefully, while taking advantage of the group members’ special abilities. >>PLAY