Global Game Jam 2018: Two Minutes

“Two Minutes” by Greg Buchanan, Bogdan Vera, Richard Tongeman & Jon Kelliher.

“The world will end in two minutes. You heard people were heading to high ground, that there was a shelter up here…”

Two minutes. What would you do in your last two minutes on our planet? Some might talk for the last time with their beloved ones near a campfire. Other people might just take their lifes themselves, because they want to feel like they’re in control about what’s happening to them. And what would you do?

“Two Minutes” is a short, but kind of intense experience thanks to its premise, the harsh dialogues and the rising screenshake. Though it isn’t completely finished (or let’s just say, that the developers wanted to implement more stuff and a third plot line), it’s very fascinating the way it is. So take two minutes. >>PLAY