Global Game Jam 2018: Vitality

“Vitality” by Marlena AbrahamPatrick Jalbert & Dan Lin.

“You are some kind of an electric ghost cat entity traveling on the wires and activating signal broadcasters. Traverse the spaces and send yourself home.”

In the six levels of “Vitality” you have to ride on electrical wires to move. The longer you travel on one of them, the faster you get and your jumps get higher as well. In most cases, that’s pretty useful – but if you don’t pay enough attention, you might hit the ground or other obstacles, which will just instantly kill you off.

What really amazes me about the little action game are the slick, nearly  gallant animations and the whole art. The edged art style fits the game very well and adds a very unique touch in my opinion. A real little gem, which offers quite a challenge! >>PLAY