Global Game Jam 2020: Dad Broke The Moon!

“Dad Broke The Moon!” by Lindsey Kitsis, Joshua Robinson & George Meisinger.

“Find the pieces of the moon and put it back together!”

The scenario of “Dad Broke The Moon!” is similar to another Global Game Jam 2020 submission we recommended: “Tale of moon”. Here, the moon broke into fragments as well, but you do not have to drag the pieces around by yourself to rebuild the majestic celestial body again. Instead you have to jump to the top of the sky to find each spot where one piece is hidden.

“Dad Broke The Moon!” features some of the best pixel art I have seen this year so far, and even though the premise of the platformer game is simple, some stages can be quite difficult. Interstellar goldfish monsters and shooting stars seem to be jealous of the lunar orb, as they will attack you on your journey. Whenever they are successful, you will stumble and fall down possibly several plateaus at once. However, you cannot die in this platformer, so just get up and try again. [PLAY]