Global Game Jam 2020: Diplomouse

“Diplomouse” by Tero Hannula, Emma Chudoba, Joel Koutonen & Helmi Hakuri.

“[A] game about repairing the relations between the kingdoms of the birds and the squirrels. You must use your diplomatic skills to bring peace to the bird feeder. The outcome depends the choices you make and how many points you collect with your decisions. May your tongue be smooth and your mouse cooperative!”

The birds accuse the squirrels of stealing their food, while the mammals complain about the occupation of the trees. Both sides are quite aggressive to each other, but maybe you in your role as “Diplomouse” can help them out. You must try to bring the diplomatic relations between two animal kingdoms back on track.

Though it sometimes may be difficult to stay neutral, you have to choose one of four dialogue options to lead the heated conversation into a peaceful manner. However, if you choose a very wrong option, you may be carving the way to war. Not only the answers of the two monarchs will give you a hint about how they feel of your diplomatic skills, as their face expressions also tell a lot. [PLAY]