Global Game Jam 2020: Elevate Me

“Elevate Me” by Nikolay Danielov Yordanov, Lawrence Thorp & Callum Horton.

“[T]he objective is to fix an [e]levator to get out. […] Progress to the top of the level, grabbing key items along the way, and plugging them into their respective terminals on the elevator.”

In “Elevate Me”, you suddenly wake up on the bottom of a tower. In the center of the stage you can see a machine – the elevator – that needs to be activated with the help of some items. You will need a cog, a battery as well as a screwdriver. But those things are not in your reach, instead you will have to climb the tower. Bad luck for you: Most of the passages and stairs fall a victim to the forces of time.

Though, soon enough you get an idea. You can use the boxes and planks, which lie around, to build new bridges to the top plateaus! And that is exactly what you have to do in “Elevate Me”: Each new level will challenge you with even trickier passages to repair. It is not enough to just grab a plank and just throw it into the pit to make a proper new bridge, but you have to rotate it and make sure that their length as well as position will make a safe crossover path.

This focus on repairing each path step by step in a manual way instead of just collecting scrap and magically making new passages appear, that is what “Elevate Me” makes a special little jam submission. Maybe you will succeed, maybe you will fail, but in the end there is just one way for you: Up to the top! >>PLAY