Global Game Jam 2020: i am giraffe

“i am giraffe” by Jeff Bauer & Kyle Bauer.

“Play as a giraffe delivering fragile objects to the finish line.”

We all know the bull in a china shop, but what about the giraffe in a vases store? In “i am giraffe” you have to play as aforementioned artiodactyl, catching vases and other objects with your mouth, so you can carefully bring them over the finish line. Do not worry too much, though: You can break everything you want besides the target item, so if you go on a little rampage every now and then, this is fine. While often the objects are in plain sight, they can also be hidden in gigantic drawers. The giraffe can open them with a bit of strength, but it should be cautiously adjusted. If the drawer opens up too quickly, the porcelain might rush against the wooden borders and crush immediately to pieces. [PLAY]