Global Game Jam 2020: I want to stay on this island

“I want to stay on this island” by Marcin Jóźwik, Szymon Krukowski, Radek Olenski & Wojciech Dziedzic.

“The [m]ountain […] is retiring and he wants to visit some islands.”

While the title “I want to stay on this island” may let you think that this is about staying at one physical place all the time, it is actually about the opposite. A living mountain decides to quit its daily job of standing around and looking massive, so that he can travel on an island, converted into a boat. And so he travels in this beautiful looking interactive novel on the ocean, passing a sheep, other mountains with own needs, greedy humans as well as peaceful ones.

Maybe “I want to stay on this island” is a game about the sense of home, meaning that home is where the heart is. Maybe it is an adventure about the sudden urge to travel, letting all behind to find inner peace. But in the end, it is not that important what the intended message of this marvelous jam entry was, as long as you are happy with your own island. >>PLAY