Global Game Jam 2020: Leximan

“Leximan” by Knights Of Borria (Max Amaden, Christopher Jones & Jake Whittaker).

“Leximan is but a humble leximancer – a word wizard, of sorts. […] [However], his prized [book of spells] has been torn to shreds by terrible creatures. Without his lexicon to keep his spells in order, his magic has become wild and unpredictable. […] Drag two incomplete runes into the speech zone and press ‘Cast’ to watch the magic unfold!”

“Leximan” reminds me of some Ludum Dare 45 entries that we recommended, especially “Fairytiles” and “You Lose. Good Day, Sir.”. Just like in those two jam games, you have to help your own character by building the word commands that will let them progress. You are the leximancer, and you can combine two text strings of your choice into a spell.

For example, imagine that you have “OW”, “B”, “END” and “L” lying in front of you. With their help, you could create the spells “BOW”, “LOW”, “BEND” as well as “LEND”. Do not worry if you are unsure what they will do, as this is part of the fun! The “Leximan” must make it through the whole dungeon with his word magic, and each spell will have a different outcome. That gives this entertaining jam submission a pretty high replayability value, as the magical consequences are often hilariously written and over-the-top. [PLAY]