Global Game Jam 2020: lost in C (#)

“lost in C (#)” by Jan Lygnos & Thalia Darkow.

“This game is about a story of a bunch of seamen. Support the crew of […] honorable sailors in their adventures! Can they endure all the mischief on sea? …[O]r is the sea the least problem?”

I always love games with an art style that is not commonly used, and that is what made the magnificent papier-mâché art in “lost in C (#)” an immediate eye catcher for me. But the audiovisual level alone is not the only reason why I want to recommend it to you, as the concept itself is very solid and hilarious as well.

“lost in C (#)” is in the broadest sense of the term a programming game, accompanied with a narrative setting of sailors in the middle of the ocean. You are in control of the environment itself, as the narrator of the story will ask you for help whenever an obstacle in the ship’s journey occurs. By choosing the appropriate code line to fix each situation, the plot progresses.

Nonetheless, I think you should use the obviously wrong choices as well, as they are fun to play around with! Rotating the whole application instead of Nessie? Making the game itself ticklish instead of a gigantic kraken? You do not want to miss out on that. All in all, “lost in C (#)” is a simple, but highly enjoyable puzzle game, that will make programmers as well as non-programmers giggle for sure! >>PLAY