Global Game Jam 2020: Pachinko Repair: An Idle Game

“Pachinko Repair: An Idle Game” by Alexander Dudok de Wit.

“An idle game inspired by pachinko machines. Open the menu in the bottom left to see what you can buy. Your score in the top left is increased every time you collect the ball and you get a point for every time the ball bounces with an obstacle. Spend your points on more obstacles and upgrades. Tap on the ball to collect it once it reaches the bottom (or upgrade to auto collect).”

There is something really relaxing, even fulfilling about “Pachinko Repair: An Idle Game”. At the beginning, the Pachinko machine is completely empty besides the ball that rushes right into the void. Luckily, the game gives you ten points that you can use to open the building menu, so that you can add some pegs for the ball to crash with. Each successful collision destroys the peg a bit, but also gives you a new point that you can spend on more pegs; over time, more items and upgrades unlock.

There are the spinners for example, which can be used to hold the ball longer in the air, but also a couple of extra balls are purchasable. On the other side, the upgrades can be used to strengthen the pegs and make them more durable or too boost the spinner speed or to auto-collect the newly gained points.

While the game design as well as the audiovisual level of “Pachinko Repair: An Idle Game” are pretty minimalistic, I enjoyed to rebuild my own Pachinko automat and to just watch at the whole composition. There is something soothing about it. A perfect game to chill for some minutes. >>PLAY