Global Game Jam 2020: REBIND TYPER

“REBIND TYPER” by Chris Choi, Siu Man Ho & Kwok Chun Yau.

“[A] typing game which forces you to rebind keyboard keys to other keys.”

Inspired by the retro arcade game “Missile Command”, you have to shoot down your enemies in “REBIND TYPER”, too. But instead of directly controlling your crosshair to target the fiends, you only have to type their specific identifier to attack them successfully. While that may sound, your in-game keyboard sadly breaks down occasionally. So you must not only take care about typing the identifiers in a correct manner, but also exchange your broken keys with intacts ones. That works by dragging them around with your mouse. That escalates pretty quickly, as there is always a chance that you will need exact the same key that you just rebinded a second ago.

“REBIND TYPER” really tests all your skills at once: Typing speed, memory, resource management and your ability to overlook a messed up situation quickly. Do not worry too much, though: The first successful enemy strike does not mean an immediate game over, so there is always some hope for you to get back on your feet. [PLAY]