Global Game Jam 2020: Tale of moon

“Tale of moon” by Ivy Mao, Mingjiang Wei, 苗师宇 & 李永亮.

“This game tells a story that the moon is broken by Tiangou and the pieces of moon are in different corners of the universe. The moon rabbit has to collect all pieces of moon and repair the moon.”

At the first glance, “Tale of moon” may seem like a pretty casual puzzle game, as your only goal is to drag the pieces of the moon back to their original position, but it still has a lot to offer. For once, it looks ridiculously cute and features a very calming background song, so the audiovisual level is really well done. But it also gets slightly more difficult in each of the four levels, as you will be introduced step by step to a new mechanic.

Of course the levels will get ‘bigger’ in the sense that more pieces will be presented to you, but there is more: For example, some of the lunar pieces will start rotating, and you cannot stop them, so instead you have to wait patiently for the perfect moment to grab them! Also, the moon’s fragments are not really durable; whenever you grab and drag them around, they will slowly fade out if you are not fast enough.

Another thing I adored about “Tale of moon” is the excellent starting and ending scene. Both are hand-drawn and explain the plot of the game without many words, still being able to make me chuckle. What else can I want from a jam submission? A wonderfully charming puzzle game. >>PLAY