Global Game Jam 2021: Lost Memories

“Lost Memories” by Borja Martínez-García, Gonzalo Diez Garrido, Lourdes Pérez Indaverea & Luis Miguel Blanco.

“Find memories left in a room: Leave meaningful messages in symbolic objects and share them with friends and strangers alike.”

The four developers of this jam submission have each hidden one personal memory in their game. Every piece of furniture and every other object you discover in “Lost Memories” could be their special stash. Clicking on the right item reveals the memory in the form of a short text message. Almost all of them refer to how the coronavirus changed their lives. As a result, the game transforms a single, unfamiliar room into an interesting storytelling device that each of the four creator uses in their own personal way. The connection between the symbolism of an object and the message it contains varies in its directness.

But that is not all: “Lost Memories” also allows its players to create their very own narrative spaces. Although the same room model with the same objects is always used, everyone can decide for themselves at which exact location what kind of message is left. Afterwards, you can have a QR code generated as an image file and send it to other people so that they can import it and thus explore your individually designed room.

In doing so, I can personally imagine several uses. Maybe someone creates a small walk-in journal, a limited thought stream museum or maybe a gift for a dear friend, whom you want to remind again of beautiful shared memories? The concept of “Lost Memories” would allow it anyway, and that is just marvelous. [PLAY]

QR code, usable in "Lost Memories"