Global Game Jam 2021: Sun Flower

“Sun Flower” by Clément Chardevel, Florent Chardevel, Mina Perrichon, Louis Ernenwein & Marin Babet.

“[Search] a sunflower in a mysterious swamp, then find your way back in the dark.”

In the beautifully designed “Sun Flower” we control a forest gnome that searches for the titular flower in five different swamp landscapes. Since the areas are not too big, the way to the plant of desire is always quickly done. The way back, however, presents the players with the real challenge. Because as soon as you pull the sunflower out of the ground, the color palette, which used to be in rich green and red tones, disappears and is almost completely replaced by pure black.

“Sun Flower” is in fact a maze and memory game at the same time, in which you have to remember all the steps you have taken. To get back safely to your own nutshell boat with the loot, you have to retrace the route asymmetrically in absolute darkness. The swamps are also a dangerous terrain, since a single wrong step can lead to the sinking of the little hero.

To keep the gameplay fresh in all five levels, there are also a couple of different interaction elements. For instance, you will encounter frogs that initially serve as ‘bridges’ in broad daylight, but then hop away in the dark in a huff as punishment for your treatment. Another example would be the dark green rocks, against which you can confidently run to use them as a kind of ‘safe anchor’. The last level, on the other hand, has a very special surprise in store for you, but you should better find it out for yourself. [PLAY]