GMTK Game Jam 2019: Mr. Flipper

“Mr. Flipper” by Willem Rosenthal & bb tombo.

“You are Mr. Flipper[,] the only Flipper in a pinball world. You [cannot] wait for the ball to come to you, [you will] have to move to the ball!”

Poor Mr. Flipper looks tired. You would look like that as well, if you were the only flipper in this special pinball machine. Not only that is it filled with monsters which will stun you if you run into them, but also there is slowly raising, freaking hot lava! Luckily, you can still manage to get the ball to the top by shooting it up into the air whenever you catch it.

“Mr. Flipper” is a wacky looking and clever re-interpretation of the pinball genre, as you do not only have to get the timing of your shooting right, but also you have to be fast and to position yourself in a tactical way. The change of perspective from two to three dimensions works great as well. Do not be sad if you do not make it the first few times, as the job of Mr. Flipper is not an easy one and requires some practice. You will make it! [PLAY]