GMTK Game Jam 2019: One Screen Border

“One Screen Border” by Spleeen.

“Puzzle around the game’s border, which blocks your every move.”

A mind-boggling puzzle game awaits you here. All the tiles of this forest which are dotted, can’t be seen by your character. Therefore, you can’t move onto them, which may prevent you from going to the exit field. But by moving around, your field of sight changes. At least, it regularly does, when not some magically glowing trees stand in your way. Yikes!

Multiple game elements will introduce you to interesting puzzle principles: Sometimes you just have to push stones away like the boxes in the traditional “Sokoban”, then again you will encounter weird gumball-like things which can be glued to the border of your vision. And hey, I already told you about the magical trees. These can’t stand outside your sight, so you will always have to find a way to include them. And now, off you go to a difficult puzzle journey into the woods. >>PLAY