GMTK Game Jam 2019: Play Play

“Play Play” by dem4ply, TomasTouchdown & ian_jmz.

“[A] platformer where the player must travel moving through [only one scenery]. Based on theatre, platforms will be changing as the player advances in the game, displaying a different layout without ever leaving the screen.”

If you are in need of a charming and very short platformer, then you’ve come to the right place! In “Play Play”, you control an adorable frog to jump from one platform to another in the set of a classical theatre stage. Hop on boats, jump over cliffs and maybe you will find the desired treasure chest. How that happens? Well, whenever you step on the right place, the ‘cue’ for a new platform is set and it will appear right in front of your eyes!

While the whole game is not longer than roundabout a minute, it’s still a remarkable piece and makes me wish for more jam entries like that. After all, you can not have enough theatre, delightful drama and frog pirates in your life. And now: The curtain rises! >>PLAY