GMTK Game Jam 2019:

“” by Big Breakfast Collective (Mattia Traverso, Alex Williams & Dennis Lorenz).

“Compete against other humans in a wholesome search for the person named Waldo! There are many Waldos, but only one at a time. Go head to head with [four] other players in a tense identify-a-thon!”

Many of you will remember hidden object and wimmelpicture books like “Where’s Waldo?” from their childhood. There lies a special beauty in the simplicity and pureness of this concept. Just face an image and try to figure out where something or someone is. If you played this game with your siblings or friends, one of you might have shouted “Found them!” – even this little competitive element was charming.

So I think it is a great idea to enable the multiplayer aspect in an online hidden person game. You and four other people will have a short and fun match to figure out where the ‘Waldo’ is hiding in four rows of more or less similar people. Who guesses right first by clicking on them, wins. While playing, some of the persons will just disappear in a poof, which could be a bit distracting. But keep your focus up. The next match is already waiting! [PLAY]