Gothic Novel Jam: Treasure Chest #71

Screenshot of "Zugzwang"

“Zugzwang” by Luis Díaz Peralta & PianoFortress.

As you are looking for the testament of your parents in the abandoned family villa, you will find much more: The memories of the shame that forced you to give up your original name, the hidden spaces and rooms that are not accessible by conventional means and the shadows of the past. Accompanied by fantastic piano music, this atmospheric puzzle adventure is able to tell a short gothic story as it would hardly be possible with another concept.

Screenshot of "Bloodlust"

“Bloodlust” by Pi_Ninja.

In this Bitsy game, you have to help the vampire Drac to get three of his items back. They were stolen by three other vampires, entrenched in his home. You could of course get the sword out of the box and just slaughter them, but maybe you can think of another way, as this sweet and dark jam game features a total of four endings.

Screenshot of "The Night is Darkening"

“The Night is Darkening” by James Wragg & Daniel Staley.

With a drunken airship pilot you crash on one of the numerous floating islands in this strange world and then you have to find a way to repair your vehicle. Maybe the deserted property with the huge mirror in the hall has a solution for you.