harvest mouse jam: Star Season

“Star Season” by Maewyn Red.

“Spring is almost here! But what if the sun went out? Climb your way through space to save our star and bring back light to the season!”

With a minimalist, but not simple concept and two charming cutscenes, “Star Season” is an adorable physics game about a hero who has to enlight the sun again to save the world. Their amazing umbrella will help them in fulfilling this task, as the item does not only keep dry in case of rain, but is also usable as a barb to get hooked up on stars. By pressing the left and right arrow key, the character can swing around and thereby getting an immense speed boost, granting them a long jump whenever you press the up arrow key afterwards. With some instinct and a pinch of luck you will then arrive at another star.

While this seems to be very easy at the beginning, as many luminaries are your steady companions, it will soon become more difficult. The farther upwards you go, the less stars will cross your path. Also, whenever you fall into the void, you must start over again! But believe me when I say that the ending of “Star Season” is worth it to reach for the stars; quite literally. [PLAY]