Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks: Groaning Steel

“Groaning Steel” by Modus Interactive & Thana Orchard.

“[Serve the fleshsteel god.] Race through the city of New Angeles, completing missions and performing stunts to appease your new deity. Find secrets and unlock new vessels to better subjugate what is left of the human race.”

Get ready for the ride of your life – or your death, it does not matter. “Groaning Steel” is fast-paced racing fun set in a morbid hellscape version of Los Angeles. But nothing here reminds you of godly creatures, instead you will have to drive nearby giant tentacles and on fleshy streets. Feel free to crash into some mortals as well and to collect some of these power meats. You will have to anyway, if you want to unlock the three special vessels. (Little spoiler: One of them is an old acquaintance, if you played some games of Modus Interactive before.)

Though the steering is a bit too fast for my taste, I ensure you that you will love this crazy game with its excellent little challenges and the awesome tunes made by Thana Orchard. You have five different missions to fulfill, which require fast racing skills, a heart for exploration and the desire to perform amazing stunts. Get your seatbelts ready and put the Turblood on, because here goes nothing! [PLAY]