Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks: Lost in the Backrooms

“Lost in the Backrooms” by Jan Malitschek.

“You have somehow managed to clip into the Backrooms, an endless labyrinth of empty and similar looking rooms designed to lure you deeper into this mysterious space.”

You got trapped in a place between the worlds, which does not follow our laws of physics. You cannot be exactly sure where you are right now or in the next minute, as the rooms seem to shift and doors appear where none were before. Luckily, you find some audio tapes of another person who got lurked into this absurde space. You can just hope that they might help you out…

The highest quality of “Lost in the Backrooms” is its ability to produce a horror feeling without any type of gore and just a minimum of shock effects. You might feel a strong suspense every now and then, as things get foreshadowed, but that is clearly worth it. Find your way, if you dare. [PLAY]