Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks: please

“please” by somewhat.

“In an alternate timeline where we won the war, you are the repair person. You fix things. You keep things running. You do what [you are] told. We asked you so nicely.”

A horror tale about the fatality of obedience awaits you in this game. As you follow your orders, which get passed to you with the help of polaroid photographs, you will hear the creepy sounds of the underground. But what exactly do you hear, when you start to listen? Will it be the weeping and moaning of people? But what would be the reason?

Not only the formidably designed audio level of this jam entry will give you the answer to this question, but also subtle hints in the environment. “please” proves to be a clever and in its own way brutal game. When you play it you might feel the carefully designed atmosphere of defenselessness and the kind of oppression which you will not notice at first glance. The whole experience could be best compared to reading a disturbing, but amazingly written short horror story. [PLAY]