Haunted PS1’s Horrifying Halloween: Iketsuki

“Iketsuki” by Modus Interactive.

“[A]n atmospheric platforming game set in the final hours of a dying world.”

Slowly but steady the world in “Iketsuki” is dying. The reason is unknown, but you can see it: The environment just consists of floating islands in the void, some flying platforms and a moldering castle. Nearly no soul stills dwells in this godforsaken area besides yourself, but one knight called Anahel, who wants to find the Numen of Iketsuki, and a creature inside the fortress. While you can never see it completely, its presence is undeniable. Inside a dim chamber, one of its limb reaches out of a hole. Also, you can talk to it. While it just responds stammering and with a weak voice, it still gives you some orders.

The monstrosity, which seems to be the already mentioned Numen of Iketsuki, wants you to collect the scattered starseeds and to use them to summon fishes. That can be done by putting them into the orb, which can be found in the middle of a lake inside the residence. But normal fishes are just suiting for the Numen the first time, afterwards it wants differently colored ones. By feeding the fishes the seeds, they will take their colors and thereby be a good snack for the one-armed phenomenon. It might all sound a bit creepy, but the Numen is grateful for your kindness.

What is Anahel’s role in all this, you might ask yourself. Well, he follows his own agenda and wants you to ‘arrange’ a meeting with the Numen. That can be done by finding the most powerful starseed of them all. Will you take the leap of faith and help them out? Who knows what the consequences of your actions will be in this wonderfully spooky jam game. >>PLAY