Jam for Change: #ART

“#ART” by Luis Díaz Peralta.

“Make art with up to 18 players and fill an art gallery as you listen to classical music[.]”

In “#ART” it doesn’t matter if you are a art genius or if you can just draw happy little accidents – the point of it is to have some good ol’ silly collobaration fun! You and up to 17 other people simultaneously control one colored pen with one key on your keyboard. By pressing it, the pen will move in the shown direction; when you don’t press it, the arrow will just move clock-wise and stop again when you are pressing your button.

At the start of each round you’ll be given a task to draw something specific, like a bunny, the desert, a tennis match or even the whole universe. Then you have roundabout half a minute to draw it. The whole thing can get quite chaotic, especially with more people – but there’s nothing specific to be achieved besides the goals you set for yourself! Do you want to collaborate with others and create a serious painting? Go for it! Do you just want to have a good time and move your color around like you’re crazy? Hey, that’s fine too! It’s a super fun and creative experience, and after some quick rounds of “#ART” you’ll have filled a little virtual gallery with your masterpieces and scribbles. >>PLAY