JamCraft 2018: Hibernia

“Hibernia” by Jack Oatley & Jamesy Downie.

“[A] game set in ancient Ireland, take control of one of 5 kingdoms and use crafting, settlement and trade to make your chosen kingdom the most famous in Hibernia!”

The main focus of the (not just audiovisually) pleasing “Hibernia” is in the strategical placing of the settlers, the building the most useful supply lines and the fast trading with the other kingdoms to become the most well known kingdom of them all. So you could say that it’s a neat real-time strategy game, that can be played while a short coffee break.

And while it’s easy to get the hang out of it, I’d recommend to have a little look on the “How to play” section under the game itself. Well then, gather your settlers and build up a trading kingdom! >>PLAY