Jamingtons 5.0: VaporWave Platformer Prototype

“VaporWave Platformer Prototype” by Dylan J. Walker & Tearacotta.

“Experimental M.C. Escher inspired 3D platformer with a simple solid color art style rendered in pixel art. Collect all 3 emitting shards[.]”

In this prototype, the greatest feature of the artist M. C. Escher was implemented, namely the creation of mathematically impossible spatial structures. Whenever you jump on a platform in “VaporWave Platformer Prototype”, the world turns into just that angle where the platform was previously tilted.

The main objective of the game (which reminds me because of the Escher-esque gameplay a bit of “Non Euclidean Room” and “Fragments of Euclid” by Antoine Zanuttini) is to collect three artifacts that are extremely unfavorably positioned. For this reason, you must think of clever ways to get to them and also always consider the changing environment.

All in all, this clever game prototype with its innovative mechanics has a great potential for further development (especially because of the possibilities to include a non-traditional puzzle design). Well done! >>PLAY