Jar Jar Jam: Attack of the Jar Jar Clones

“Attack of the Jar Jar Clones” by Andrew C. Wang.

“[The] Republic accidentally cloned Jar Jar Binks instead of elite mercenary Jango Fett for the Grand Army of the Republic. By the time the mistake was discovered, there were already thousands of Jar Jar Binks clones, hideously twisted and evil. Now you must face them in the Crystal Caves of Cloning in this intense action fighting game.”

The Last Jedi is a Porg, period. And the poor creature has to eliminate hundreds of Jar Jar clones. Based on this absurd premise, “Attack of the Jar Jar Clones” is a wonderfully crazy gaming experience – and certainly a better Star Wars game than “Star Wars Battlefront 2”. The models of Jar Jar and the Porg are simply fabulous, the metal music gives the whole thing a great action-filled drive and the feeling of cutting a giant Jar Jar clone into two halves is very satisfying. Mee~sa likein da game maxibig! >>PLAY