JimJam: Litbub’s Idea Delivery Service

“Litbub’s Idea Delivery Service” by Andrew Wang.

“[A game featuring] an “idea light bulb” trying to transmit inspiration from person A to person B, with a social network maze of people in between. Storms of distraction and negativity can sap inspiration and break the trail of inspiration, so you must build a robust and redundant network of inspiration.”

This game is a fantastic visualization of the spreading of ideas and inspiration between humans! You have to jump from the starting mind to another one nearby, to get your idea from one head to the other. Your task as the lightbulb character is to make it from the starting point to the blue head.

Sounds easy so far, doesn’t it? But there are two things working against you: First of all, the time, because you just have one to two minutes to finish each level, and secondly the dark clouds of negativity! They’ll afflict the former creative minds, so that they won’t have the idea anymore, and by doing so your carefully built network may collapse. Give this lovely designed platformer game a try, it’s worth it! >>PLAY