“Pippin’ HOT Delivery” by ThanielPIN.

“[It is] summer in the North Pole, and the pizzas [are not going to] deliver themselves! Step in the shoes of this summer job champ and deliver a jalapeño pizza so hot it turns the poles into a desert!”

Switching between dimensions became a pretty popular game mechanic in puzzle platformers, which were made for game jams (just take “Fluid Perspectives”, “Toodee and Topdee” or “Heart Star” for example). In “Pippin’ HOT Delivery”, this core mechanic gets enabled by opening a pizza box. The jalapeño pizza in it is so spicy, that it will heat up your surroundings! That way, you can melt down the ice spikes into plain water.

But – and that is the little clou of this jam game – the water is quite dangerous for your delivery, as the pizza must find its righteous owner without becoming wet. Also, the pizza box itself can be described as an important puzzle element in some of the stages, because you will need to place it correctly to get to the solution. So prove yourself to be the smartest and fastest pizza supplier of the wonderfully pixelated Northern territories in “Pippin’ HOT Delivery”. [PLAY]